About Katja

‚ÄčI am Katja and I am delighted to have you here with me.

Movement has always been part of my life: from early childhood, I couldn't sit still so my Mum sent me to a children's dance class. At the age of 10, I enrolled at the renowned Palucca Academy for Dance in Dresden, Germany, where I trained for 8 years in ballet and contemporary dance. Then after graduating, aged 18, I moved to London to further my dance training. I soon discovered Pilates and Yoga, and realised the incredible impact both practices had on my dancing technique. I was then fortunate enough to start my teacher training with Alan Herdman Pilates here in London, and a few years later I also completed my Yoga teacher training. I have been teaching since 2004 and count myself very lucky to be doing what I love for my job.

I often look back and wonder what it was exactly that attracted me so much to Pilates and Yoga all those years ago?

Whilst I always wanted to become a dancer from a young age and I absolutely loved my training and career, it left me with low self-esteem feeling that I was never good enough. If there was one thing to single out, when practicing Pilates and Yoga, for me it was to learn the importance of enjoying the actual journey. That, as long as I am trying my best and I am engaged in the process, then it is good enough - then I am good enough. Now, this is when a movement practice becomes joyful, inspiring, empowering, and fulfilling. It's impact goes beyond what happens on the mat. I wish everyone to enjoy and embrace movement, to feel stronger and more confident within their body, to be kind and patient with themselves and therefore others. Have fun and enjoy yourself whilst practicing! I dare to hope if only one other person can feel inspired and empowered through my videos then my heart will be filled.

I live with my husband and two children in London, where I run my own business teaching live and zoom group and private classes.


Diploma in Dance, Palucca Schule, Dresden

BTEC National Diploma in Dance, Rambert School, London

Foundation Training Programme for Pilates Teachers, Alan Herdman Pilates, London

Pre-and Postnatal Pilates Teacher Training, Rachel Swindle, London

Pilates for Menopause Program, Carolyne Anthony, London

Yoga Teacher Training 200hrs, The Life Centre, London

Yoga Pregnancy and Mother & Baby Teacher Training, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, London

Advanced Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training 300hrs, Jason Crandell Yoga method, London, 500hrs qualified teacher

Did you know...

I enjoy horse riding and being in nature.

I love animals.

I am a keen runner and have completed five marathons.