What People Are Saying...

I have been lucky enough to attend between 2 and 4 of her zoom classes each week throughout the lockdown period. The fact that I have done so is a testament to the huge variety of exercises she includes in her classes, drawing on her deep understanding of movement, alignment, strength and balance exercises. She constantly adds extra movements and stretches, or guides her class through different sequences of those movements, making each class stimulating and entertaining.
She is a source of inspiration and creativity for her students, providing positive motivation and encouragement, helping with corrections where necessary but always doing so in a constructive and helpful way.
I also have done some of her YouTube channel lessons and I love how she explains and delivers the choice of different levels and focus on different parts of the body and muscle groups each time. The videos are very professional.
A very talented and experienced teacher. I feel very lucky to have been able to practice with her for the last two years and a half.


Natalia G.

(Barcelona, Spain)

Pilates itself is an incredible activity, and one that has had a transformative effect on me both physically and psychologically over the last 7 years. 

Experiencing Pilates with Katja is something completely different again. Katja is a master of her craft, a true inspirational professional. She manages to balance a deep knowledge of the body and of Pilates, with a pure, kind and lyrical teaching approach. Every class is like a beautiful routine - fluid and completely immersive. Her verbal teaching is impressively accurate, and her routines differ every single week showing her depth of skill and understanding. Be in no doubt though - she works your body very thoroughly and effectively! I have never come across a teacher like Katja, and suspect very few people like her exist. She's turned Pilates into an art form through her unique approach and style, and I cannot recommend her highly enough. My life is better because it has both Pilates and Katja in it.


Rachel M.

(London, UK)

I discovered Katja about a year ago. I had back issues (esp. lower back) and my doctor recommended Pilates. Now let me say that I had never done Pilates before, I had been a yoga practitioner for many years. What attracted me to Katja's classes was the fact that the moves were very focused, precise and with slow movement. I felt safe doing her classes and I surprisingly felt better after each class.  My stress and anxiety went away and my body was fully relaxed.  I felt like I was a ballerina floating on air!  I live in Brooklyn, NY and I have a lot of Pilates teachers to choose from; however, I kept on coming back to Katja on YouTube. Now I take her classes weekly and I am soooo grateful I found her.  My back pain has disappeared and I feel stronger, with much less stress.  Just the fact that I am in Brooklyn, NY and my Pilates teacher is Katja (in England), hopefully conveys how awesome she is!!!!  I feel so grateful for Katja!!!


Alexis T.

(New York, USA)

I have been taking part in Katja’s classes for over 4 years now. I cannot recommend Katja more highly. Pilates not only makes me feel good physically but also contributes positively to my mental well-being. Katja is a teacher of the highest calibre and is a consummate professional.  Physically I feel so much stronger and I can say without any hesitation that participating in Katja’s classes have certainly helped me manage what was an extremely painful back condition.  Above all, Katja is a very kind, gentle, caring person and this shines through very brightly in her teaching.  


Fiona D.

(London, UK)

Katja is a completely different kind of Pilates teacher. Her approach is slow and deliberate which reaches the deepest part of muscle. Her calming voice and gentle personality are balm for the most restless brain and body. I have studied body work for more than 50 years and Katja still surprises me with variations on exercises and powerful new stretches I have never seen before. She is a gem among Pilates instructors focusing more on the process than the goal. This approach builds strength and flexibility without the risk of injury that can come from fast-paced, goal-oriented perspective. She is the perfect teacher for anyone who enjoys a deep, careful deliberate practice that will work for them at any age.


Catherine R.

(Seattle, USA)

I have been practicing Pilates with Katja for many years now. First in person, in the UK, later remotely from Germany. I am a huge fan of Katja's approach. The classes are never boring and never the same. Katja incorporates new twists and always manages to find just the right balance between a demanding routine and relaxation. Katja's guidance is perfect, the instructions for movements and breathing are so on point I often don't even have to look at the screen.

I have practiced with other instructors as well but it never compared to Katja's calm and gentle style. She brings so much knowledge and experience and cares deeply about the wellbeing of her students.

After a class with Katja, I feel strong, a few inches taller and at peace with myself.


Bettina S.

Leipzig, Germany

I discovered Katja's pilates and yoga videos on YouTube at the beginning of COVID when I could no longer workout in gyms. I immediately fell in love with her videos! She is so creative and an excellent pilates teacher. Her "classes" are just hard enough and sometimes wonderfully challenging. I have enjoyed them over and over again and now happily I take her online Zoom classes. I have taken pilates for several years and I sincerely believe Katja is the finest teacher I have had the pleasure to work with.


Ivy V.

(Maui, Hawaii)

Katja is a great, serious, professional trainer. I noticed this particularity soon doing her YouTube lessons. Her voice was so soft and gentle that touched me deeply and supported me during the pandemic period. 

Her extraordinary practise shows the high professional level she has, her Pilates lessons are attractive for the body and mind. For these reasons I decided to join her live lessons on zoom and this experience is fantastic. 

I extremely appreciate Katja's method of Pilates - a practise that feels holistic.


Maria B.

Rome, Italy

Katja has such infectious enthusiasm and I love the way that no two lessons are ever the same. She has helped me tremendously both physically and emotionally. I had struggled with pains in my arms, back and neck for years and Katja’s teaching has made that a thing of the past and she has also helped me to understand that it is OK to do some things slowly and gently!


Gale B.

(Marlborough, UK)