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Tips How To Use This Website Best

Your User Dashboard

All your info in one place

Once logged in, go to the profile picture in the top-right corner -> dashboard to see your profile info, notification settings, and purchase / membership data.

Refer a friend

You can also refer a friend to join in on the Pilates & Yoga fun here on the platform. We'll give you a free month for each invited friend who becomes a paying customer.

Finding The Perfect Class For You


Use the categories by scrolling down the main page


Use the 'Filters' button under the main banner left hand side to choose by category, length, style, target and / or level


Use the 'Search' field under the main banner right hand side to look for a specific video by title or its #number


Use the navigation bar at the top of the page.


Classes using small equipment have been put into folders in category 'Pilates with small equipment' so you can easily choose which prop you would like to work with and choose a folder -> class accordingly


New uploads show in the main banner and 'latest classes ' category as well as any other category it fits in, for example 'Special focus classes'


Under each video you can click the 'add to favorites' button to add a video to your Favorites folder, which shows under the main banner with all the other categories

The Community Page

engage with the community

Head on over to the community page to speak to other Pilates & Yoga fans, to share your experiences, and to give feedback and ideas.

receive updates

Be the first to find out about new features, helpful tips, and upcoming content. Also, tune into my weekly update and receive all the latest news.

ask a question

On the ask a question tab you can express your thoughts and queries. The community and I will be quick to answer it!

follow like-minded people

You can now follow your favourite people and receive notifications when they post or comment.

Who do I contact if I have further questions?

If you have any queries, please fill in our easy-to-use contacts form or contact me directly via my email at

I will do my best to answer as soon as possible.

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